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Stay in six dwellings amongst the giant sequoias, just an hour south of San Francisco, with all the amenities of home ― from solar charging to heated queen mattress.

You will be staying in the mellow stretch of coastline and mountains between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. You’re in short reach of world-class nature reserves, great organic food, goat  farms, local wine, remote beaches, and wild hiking trails.

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A Jupe encourages exploration of self and the planet Earth. We’re always changing, honing, and learning new things and the Jupe Redwoods is the perfect place to discover a new sense of self. Strengthen what you love or just try something fun. Instead of a simple list of things to do while you stay here, we thought it might be more fun to inhabit a particular sense of self.

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Jupes are a smart dwelling with all the amenities of your own bedroom.

14" Queen Memory Foam Mattress
Fresh Linens and Comforter
Heated Mattress & Blanket
Front Porch & Outdoor Furniture
Floor to Ceiling Dimmable Lighting
Offgrid Solar Charging
Two 120V AC Power Outlets
Built-In Lockable Storage Compartments
Weather Resistant Enclosure
Closable & Secure Entryways
11' Vaulted Ceiling & Front Door
360° Dark Sky Stargazing

A Jupe allows for a deep experience with nature. What better way to commune with the forest than to sleep beneath them? At the Slow Coast site, you’re just miles away from Silicon Valley, yet you’re completely detached from the fastest moving area on the planet. In this great forest, there is a return to primality. Modern distractions are erased and there is only you and the forest, the swaying in the wind and the bending of the boughs. Your Jupe is your guide. It is the vehicle to usher you to the lands between the old way and the new. 


Local Farms Ripe for Picking. From fresh fruit to cheese, wine, and seafood, there are a ton of great fresh foods to try right from the source. Take some with you and cook by your Jupe!

World-Class Dining. With San Francisco being only an hour and a half away and San Jose only an hour, you have some ridiculously tasty options.


Hike the State Parks. There are so many State Parks that surround the Jupe Redwoods that the hardest decision is which one to go to. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. There are even some waterfalls and old-growth redwoods for you to find. 

Discover the Pinnipeds. Seals! Right down the road is one of the largest coastal rookeries of elephant seals. Thousands are born each year at Año Nuevo State Park. Make sure to grab a reservation during the winter mating season. 

Secluded Beaches. Head to Greyhound Beach and spend a little effort to make it to the beach and there is a good chance you will have space just to yourself. 


Extend the Mescal Bar Tradition. Deep within the core of a thousand-year-old redwood is a hidden mescal bar. There is only one rule in the Mescal Bar: In order to drink in the ancient giant, you must offer up your own bottle of mescal for the next people to discover. Drink what was left for you and pass it forward. 

Sleep Beneath the Bridges. Hammocks have been placed beneath the bridges that cross over the Creek. Take a nap or hang out while the water flows beneath you. 

Adirondacks in the Water. Drop an Adirondack in the creek and sit with the water between your toes. 

Take a Cold Plunge in the Creek. Awaken your entire body by dropping into the creek. There are deep spots for your entire body to fit beneath the water. It’s invigorating for the spirit!


Yoga by the Water. Lay out a mat by the brook or head to a nearby beach. Take a deep breath and try to clear your mind for a moment. 

Read a Paperback. There’s something about holding a real book. It’s a little world in your hands. Read in your Jupe or by the fireside. 

Commune with the Redwoods. Spend some time walking beneath the giant trees. Each one is an ecosystem of its own – its own tiny planet to the organisms that inhabit it. There is so much to learn from these great beings. 

Walk the Infinity Trail. The site has a quarter-mile trail loop that is both useful for staying out of Nature’s way and for contemplation. Walk it in the morning, the afternoon, and at night and think about meaning, existentialism, and yourself within nature.


Capture the Fauna and Flora. This area is a biodiversity hotspot. It is where Southern California meets Northern California. Mountains meet the ocean. A collision of many different habitats creates a diversity worth capturing. 

Instagram-Worthy. There are unique places in the area that people line up to get a picture of. From Greyhound Rock to the ruins of the old Davenport Pier, there’s a banquet of spots to grab your next piece of content. 

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