Just add land.

Just add land.

Jupe is a dwelling unit inspired by the stars, designed for new frontiers beyond the city and off the grid. It isn’t just a quick place to stay. It’s a gateway to the outside world.


Spend a night (or a month) in a Jupe! We've put up over a dozen locations across the US and Canada and we're setting them up weekly and would like to know where you'd like to Jupe next.


Looking to add to your own outdoor hospitality experience? Get Jupes on your land with minimal upfront cost. We'll drop some Jupes off at your place, help book them, and share up the revenue from stays.

Unparalleled design and engineering

Designed by a team from SpaceX and Tesla, Jupe’s quality is out of this world and built to last.

Jupe’s luxurious Baltic birch interiors are machined to the millimeter, it’s wrapped in the highest-quality weather resistant canvas, and the aluminum masts are milled to perfection.

Ready to rent in hours

With an included bed frame and headboard, a luxury queen mattress, butcher board end tables and stools, and an expansive 8' x 13' weather-treated deck, Jupe arrives on site, move-in ready.

Jupes require no foundation work, no platform, and no electrical utility drags, meaning permits are rarely necessary. Host your first guest the day your Jupe arrives.

Stay charged, anywhere

Jupes include dimmable LED track lighting, a continuous double-battery system, bedside USB charge stations and outlets integrated throughout. Add-on features include a solar package, front porch, exterior LED ground effects and a smart speaker.

No power grid, no problem. Just add land.

It feels insane

With an iconic shell and cavernous interior, no experience on Earth comes close to a night or two (or thirty) in a Jupe.

Your guests may never want to leave.

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