Just Add Land.

Out-of-this-world shelters that pops up anywhere on Earth.

Flat-packed & shipped as fast as 24 hours

Jupes are super-tents, powered by the Sun.

Each Jupe comes with device charging, dimmable premium lighting, a heated memory foam luxury mattress, real Doug Fir wood floors and furniture, optional on-grid A/C, and lockable storage for your goodies. All ‘in the box’.

Floor to Ceiling Dimmable Lighting
Heat & AC Temperature Controlled
Two 120V AC Power Outlets
11' Vaulted Ceiling & Front Door
Built-In Lockable Storage Compartments
Closable & Secure Entryways
Weather Resistant Enclosure

You get the sensation of fresh air and daylight with the comfort of a high end hotel.


Staying in the Jupe was like keeping all of the best parts about being out in nature, while maintaining the comfort of a bed and safe space to rest at night.


Magical! I loved everything about it.


The comfort of a 5 star hotel bedding in the middle of nature


A much needed architectural overhaul on the classic yurt.


Clean, simple, comfortable in the outdoors!


Pleasant, calming very comfortable


The best glamping tent I've ever stayed in. As comfortable as a cabin, but with the sense that you are still camping.


The experience was like sleeping in a fancy bed that was surrounded by REAL nature. It’s like I was the princess in sleeping beauty.


It was very enjoyable and a new experience - I really loved waking up in the jupe (the bed was also incredibly comfortable) and also having a cozy night inside.


It was so comfortable and relaxing


Peaceful. Sacred. It’s the kinda place you go to disconnect.


It was really nice. The recessed storage was great, and the Jupe was really comfortable.


It was great to be in the quiet zone, and I need this very much.


I LOVE it. You get the full spaceship effect.


Relaxing and restorative. I loved the fresh breeze contrasted by the heated mattress


A zen/tech-y designed space




"panoramic views over the desert, mountains, ocean, or whatever natural marvel lies beyond the front door"


"engineered by designers from SpaceX and Tesla; those design chops shine through in the aesthetics"


"allow anyone to live anywhere on the planet, comfortably and with an internet connection via satellite"

Fair Companies

"luxury queen mattress and bed, furniture, LED lighting, solar panels, and backup batteries, and even the linens"


"111-square foot home that is reinventing off-grid housing from the foundation up"
Los Angeles, California
Jupe tent with a campfire under a starry sky
Joshua Tree, California
Grand Junction, Colorado
Redwoods, California
Austin, Texas
Happy Valley, California
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Moonbase, West Virginia
San Francisco, California

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